Introduction of Rock Drilling Machine

Feb. 25, 2020

Hydraulic dth drilling rig supplier share with you:

The rock drilling machine is driven by a petrol engine. The impact piston of the impact drill rod uses the rotation of the ratchet to rotate the drill rod on the rock to impact the rock. The piston moves up and down. The powder of the rock blows out of the hole. A cemented carbide drill head with a diameter of 28-40 mm is installed under the drill rod according to the different hardness of the rock. According to the required hole size, the alloy bit with different sizes is replaced, which is suitable for drilling and blasting in various mines.

Internal combustion gasoline rock drilling machine is also called internal combustion rock drill. Because its petrol engine is small in size and easy to carry, the overall drilling machine weighs only more than 20 kilograms, and does not need to be equipped with any auxiliary equipment. It only needs to be installed with a drill rod, and the drill head can work. Therefore, it is suitable for mines with no wind power, no power, and less developed traffic. Holes can be drilled in the rock, and the deepest hole can be down to six meters vertically and less than 45 °. The machine is easy to operate, saves time and effort, has the characteristics of fast chiseling speed and high efficiency. The machine can be used in high mountains, flat ground, in the extreme heat of 40 ° or in the severe cold area of minus 40°. The machine has wide adaptability.

Rock Drilling Machine

Rock Drilling Machine

Rock drilling machine models include: YN30, YN30E, YN27, YN27C. Among them, the YN27C internal combustion rock drill has added functions such as splitting, crushing, tamping, and shovel in addition to drilling. Widely used in mining, road construction, quarrying, fire protection, geological exploration, national defense engineering, etc. YN27C rock drill is currently the world's most advanced internal combustion (petrol) rock drill.


1. When stuck stuck, the method of forcibly starting the machine is not allowed to exclude stuck stuck. Instead, manual methods (such as turning the drill with an extended wrench) should be used to restart the machine.

2. When the core is stuck in the drill, stop drilling immediately and remove it in time. When removing, only use a rubber hammer or cork stick to strike the steel body, and repeatedly strike it to remove the core. It is strictly forbidden to strike the drill bit or core with a hammer, and it is strictly forbidden to insert the core from the back of the drill with an iron rod to avoid damage to the thin-walled drill.

3. Please read carefully (gasoline user manual) before use.

4. Waterless operation is strictly prohibited.

Repair and maintenance:

1. After the coring is completed, the appropriate parts should be wiped, dried, and oiled.

2. A professional is responsible for the use and maintenance to maintain the normal use of the machine.

3. Check gasoline and engine oil frequently to prevent short oil from causing damage to the machine and affecting its life. Q

4. After the machine has been used for a long time or many times, it should be checked to see if there are loosening of the bolts in various parts to prevent the impact and delay of normal use.

5. If the machine is not used for a long time, the gasoline in the carburetor of the machine should be drained to prevent the oil immersion time of the carburetor from being too long and it is not easy to start next time.