Importance and Necessity of Water Well Rig Selection

Feb. 19, 2020

During the selection of water well drill rig equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to a series of issues to ensure that the selection of the water well rig is correct, so that the Water Well Rig can better meet its production needs. When selecting a well drilling rig, the purpose of purchasing a well drilling rig needs to be clarified, and what kind of well drilling equipment is needed.

Water well drilling rigs supplier to share with you: The purpose of water well drilling rig selection is generally divided into 3 types: update, development, and expansion. The purpose of the updated model is mainly to care about new water well drilling rigs with high efficiency, high precision and high performance to replace the backward water well drilling rigs. When selecting a model, it is more important to focus on the technical performance of the water well rig. By purchasing a new type of water well rig, the efficiency of I application can be improved, and production costs and consumption reduced.

The development type refers to the use of new water well drilling rigs and advanced I technology to complete new special construction tasks. This focus is on the application of new technology and new technology of water well drilling rigs. The purpose of the expansion type is to expand the scale, which is mainly used to improve the construction capacity of water well drilling rigs.

DTH Automatic Drilling Rig

DTH Automatic Drilling Rig

Therefore, it can be seen that for different purposes, there are different selection requirements for water well drilling rig equipment. As long as the selection purpose is clear, the investment and production benefits of water well drilling rigs can be fully utilized in future production.

Water well drilling rigs have the characteristics of good maneuverability, compact structure and strong integrity, and their production and operation are complex and visible. We already know how to prolong the service life of water well rigs, but some problems will occur in the daily use of water well rigs.

Seven common faults of water well drilling rigs:

Failure one: The rig clutch slips, the main reason is that the friction lining is excessively worn or broken or the compression spring is aging or broken. The rig friction lining should be repaired;

Fault two: The coupling of the drilling rig is hot, and the elastic ring is excessively worn; the reason is that the coaxiality of the rig power machine and the clutch is poor, and the coaxiality of the assembly needs to be increased;

Failure III. The brake of the rig hoist is slipping. The main reason is that there is oil on the inner surface of the brake belt. The inner surface of the brake needs to be removed.

Failure IV. After the oil pump of the rig is not oiled or the oil quantity is insufficient, first check whether there is insufficient or no oil in the oil tank, and if the common faults of the water well rig that refuels to the oil level line have not been ruled out, check whether the filter is blocked, and , Also look at whether the fuel tank vent hole is blocked, or the suction pipe joint is loose into e gas and other reasons;

Fault five: The oil pump of the rig is hot and worn, and the oil pump must be repaired and replaced. The oil viscosity is too high or too low, and the oil must be used strictly in accordance with the instructions; at the same time, the transmission device of the oil pump of the rig must be inspected to improve assembly accuracy;

Fault 6. The oil temperature of the hydraulic system is too high, the oil in the fuel tank is too low or the oil pump is damaged. You must refuel or repair the oil pump; you should select a working pump reasonably and recommend the working pressure according to the instructions;

Fault 7. The hydraulic pressure of the rig's hydraulic system is insufficient, and the pressure regulating valve is fatigued. Adjust the limit nut or replace the spring. If the pressure regulating valve seat cone is damaged or stuck, remove the pressure regulating valve sleeve for simple maintenance.