How to Operate a DTH Drilling Rig to Maximize Efficiency?

Aug. 21, 2023

The DTH drilling rig is a semi-hydraulic vehicle and the basic functions are controlled by the hydraulic system. Therefore, the operation of the DTH drilling rig plays a crucial role in the normal working of the hydraulic system.

The DTH drilling rig


How to unload the drill pipe of a drilling rig?


The unloading of the drill pipe of the DTH drilling rig is carried out semi-automatically, which is achieved by the cooperation of the unloader, brazier with the two forks, and the reversal of its wind motor.


When unloading the rod, the rotary machine is moved back and the second slot of the drill pipe (the slot in the middle of the drill pipe at the male end of the drill pipe) is aligned with the four boxes of the brazier, and the fork is used to insert the second slot firmly. Then reverse the motor and insert the second fork into the first slot of the drill pipe (the slot at the end of the male joint of the drill pipe against the end of the drill pipe) when the four boxes of the rod unloader are in line with the first slot of the drill pipe. Take out the first fork (the fork in the four-sided frame of the brazier) and operate the propulsion cylinder to make the unloader move the drill pipe backward. When the second slot of the second drill pipe is aligned with the brazier slot, reverse the motor. Remove the first drill rod when the two drill rods are unbolted. Unload each drill pipe in turn.


Drilling operation of DTH drilling rig


When opening a hole, the drilling rig starts with low impact power, propulsion, and low speed to facilitate the positioning of the drill head (when dust removal is required, give the appropriate amount of water to reduce dust). When the drill head is about 10cm into the hole, then use the full blower to impact. And increase the propulsion force and speed appropriately, (when dust removal is needed, keep the air and water mixture in proper proportion), and carry out the normal rock drilling work.


After drilling one drill pipe, stop the wind motor operation and stop sending air and water to the impactor, insert the fork into the drill pipe slot of the brazier, make the wind motor reverse and the slide plate back up, so that the joint is disconnected from the drill pipe, and then connect the second drill pipe for drilling, and so on continuously.



Precautions in the operation of the DTH drilling rig


1. Regularly clean the impactor and wind motor with gasoline or diesel oil and observe the damage of the rotor blades.


2. Observe the working condition of oil misters and check the lubrication of wind motors and impactors at all times.


3. Pay attention to check the connection of screws, nuts, and joints of each part of the air and water (when using water for dust removal) road and the fastening of the frame and main machine at all times.


4. Work should pay attention to the sound of the impactor and machine operation is normal, found abnormal phenomenon should immediately stop to check.


5. When the machine stops working in a short time, a small amount of pressure air should be given to avoid mud and sand to immerse inside the impactor, if it stops working in a longer time, the impactor needs to be mentioned 1-2 meters from the bottom of the hole and then fixed.


6. When there is water on the working surface, open the hole with a large diameter brazing head, then insert the casing and make the casing exposed to the ground for 100~200mm long to prevent the rock slag mud from entering the hole.


8. When adding a new drill pipe, pay special attention to the cleanliness inside the drill pipe to avoid sand and soil from mixing with the inside of the impactor to damage the machine parts or stop accidents. (Generally, you can blow and wash it several times with pressure air).


9. Do not allow reversing when drilling, so as to prevent the drill pipe from being disconnected.


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