How To Maintain Crawler Drilling Rig

Apr. 10, 2021

How To Maintain Crawler Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Drill Rig is a new type of pile machine, which has played a vital role in pile foundation construction in recent years. The crawler drilling rig is easy to operate, and the construction process can be completed by only one person, and the crawler drilling speed is also very fast, and more and more engineering constructions use it. How to maintain it during use or usually stops at a very critical question. The following are some maintenance methods and precautions for crawler drilling rigs.

The engine oil and filter element must be changed after the crawler machine works for 50 hours for the first time. Under normal circumstances, it will be changed every 250 hours in the subsequent use; the power head gear oil must be changed every 2000 hours of work. After that, the powerhead reducer gear oil must be replaced for the first time. It needs to be replaced every 50 hours and then every 2000 hours. Replace the winch gear oil at the same time as the reducer; replace the hydraulic oil every 3000 hours of use, and replace the filter element every 500 hours; the oil-water separator is discharged once a day, the diesel tank is discharged once a day, and the oil tank is cleaned every six months. Replace the filter element under the circumstances; oil the drill pipe bearing and tractor once a day, spray the body once a month; replace the engine coolant every two hours, replace the filter element every 1.5 hours, and replace it every 100 hours or a year.

In addition, pay attention to regularly check whether the wire rope is worn. If the crawler drilling rig is not well maintained, it is difficult to play an important role. We must maintain and regulate in time as required to effectively protect our crawlers and reduce us. The frequency of equipment failures makes our equipment work better for us.

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