How Can DTH Drilling Rig Save Money On Fuel Consumption?

Aug. 16, 2022

Diesel fuel consumption is the most important cost of operating a DTH drilling rig and is one cost that can be effectively controlled through management.

1. Non-perforating time reduction

Use the existing DTH drilling rig and control the percentage of non-perforating time reduction. Non-perforating time includes rig displacement, rig changeover. The fuel-saving strategy includes rationalizing the rigged path within the gun area. Avoid repeated round trips. Turn off the air compressor engine during long-distance displacement. Prepare the next rod in advance when one rod is almost finished, etc.

DTH drilling rig

2. Low fuel consumption per meter

If you buy a new DTH drilling rig, remember to get one with low fuel consumption per meter. Note: Low fuel consumption per meter! Not low fuel consumption per hour!

Single meter fuel consumption = meters per hour perforated / fuel consumption per hour

When the engine power is certain, the fuel consumption per hour is fixed, so the higher the perforation efficiency, the lower the single meter fuel consumption.

Parameters for judging perforating efficiency: flow and pressure of air compressor are proportional to perforating efficiency, rotary lifting torque speed of drilling rig is proportional to perforating efficiency.

3. Using the right impactor for the DTH drilling rig will also save fuel

The better the manufacturer's R&D capability and the larger the manufacturing scale of the same size impactor. In general, the smaller the fuel consumption of the impactor, thus achieving the effect of energy-saving.

4. Air compressor engine speed

In daily work, always pay attention to the engine speed of the air compressor. The ideal engine speed is between idle and high speed, close to 20% on this side of idle speed. Too high engine speed will cause high fuel consumption. Excessive wear of the impactor is one of the reasons for high engine speed. In the case of payroll-based entirely on meters, there have been instances where drillers have increased the engine speed in order to increase the air pressure of the compressor. Replace outer cylinders and bushings of worn impactors in time. The impactor that does not have repair value should be replaced with a new impactor in time.


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