Common Overhaul Parts and Precautions of Rotary Drilling Rig

Jul. 14, 2020

With the use of the crawler rig equipment for a certain period of time, various internal problems began to surface, and the main engine overhaul was timely carried out to systematically solve the internal safety risks. Generally speaking, after working for a certain period of time, the following five problems will occur. Crawler Mounted Drill Rig Supplier shares this article for you.

1. The gap increases. The increase in the distance between the core components of the main engine will increase the leakage during the drilling process and reduce equipment efficiency. In addition, the expansion of the gap between the core components of the main engine, the back cover, and the bearing will mainly affect the tightness and drilling efficiency of the rotary drilling rig. At the same time, this will also have a great impact on the service life of the main engine.

2. Increased wear. Normally, the operation of the machine will inevitably bring wear. Under normal circumstances, because of the lubrication of the lubricant, the wear will be reduced a lot, but the long-term high-speed operation will expand the degree of wear and cause the wear and damage of other major components.

Automatic Crawler Mounted Dth Drill Rig

Automatic Crawler Mounted Dth Drill Rig

3. Deformation of components. As the core component of the Automatic Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig, the internal components of the main body of the rotary drilling rig have been exposed to high-temperature and high-pressure environments for a long time, coupled with high-speed operation, it will inevitably cause deformation over time. At the same time, dust and impurities gradually accumulate in the machine. After a long period of operation, it may cause the deformation of the components and increase the gap. In severe cases, the host may be stuck.

4. The components are damaged. The vulnerable parts of the main part of Crawler Mounted Drill Rig are various gaskets, sealing rings, shaft oil seals, etc., where the shaft oil seal is in a high temperature, high pressure, and high speed operation environment for a long time, greatly shortening its service life, Once the damage occurs, it will cause oil leakage of the rotary drilling rig. If it is not found in time, it is likely to cause the Yin and Yang rotors and bearings to burn due to lack of lubrication.

5. Cost increase. If the rotary drilling rig has not been overhauled for a long time, it will cause a large number of impurities generated by wear and tear inside the equipment, resulting in (1) shortening the service life of the lubricating fluid; (2) shortening the service life of the oil filter element and the empty filter element; (3) increasing friction and reducing drilling Efficiency, increase costs.