What are the categories of water well drilling RIGS?

Aug. 10, 2019

What are the categories of water well drilling RIGS?

Now let's talk about what kinds of Water Well Drilling Rigs are divided into, which parts are composed of, and what advantages each has.

First of all, the first type of percussive water well drilling machine mainly relies on the vertical reciprocating movement of drilling tools, so that the drill bit hits the bottom of the shaft to break the rock layer. It has a simple structure, no circulating well washing system, and the cuttings removal cannot be carried out simultaneously with the drilling rig, so its efficiency is low. Drilling depth is generally within 250 meters, sometimes up to 500 to 600 meters. There are two main types:

(1) rush grasp cone. Impact the formation with the weight of the drill string itself. At the lower end of the drill tool, there are several sharp-angle clamps that can be opened and closed. When the drill tool moves downward under its own weight, the clamps open and cut into the rock layer. Then, the hoist lifts the drill tool through the steel wire rope. Drilling depth is usually 40 to 50 meters, up to 100 to 150 meters deep.

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Water Well Drilling Rig

(2) wire rope percussion drill. By the mast and mounted on the top of the lifting pulley, wire rope, impact mechanism, drill, motor and other components. During the operation of the water well drilling rigs for sale, the motor drives the impact mechanism through the transmission device, drives the steel wire rope to make the drill tool do up and down reciprocating movement, in the downward movement by the weight of the drill bit itself cut and broken rock, upward movement by the steel wire rope traction. The bit has a stroke of 0.5 ~ 1m and impact frequency of 30 ~ 60 times/min. Cuttings are removed from the ground by a sand pump and drilled simultaneously with cuttings removal.

There are two types of composite water well drilling RIGS:

One is the combination of impact and rotary drilling Wells drilling rig, such as pneumatic diller. The DTH hammer drill consists of cylinder liner and piston. The piston is driven up and down by high pressure air supplied by an air compressor, which impacts the drill bit to enhance the drill bit's ability to drill into rock formations. At the same time, the drill string rotates at a low speed of 35 ~ 60 RPM. Air from the piston upper and lower cavities enters the drill bit and carries cuttings from the bottom of the hole out of the wellhead. Pneumatic DTH hammer drilling machine can be used for drilling deep Wells in hard rock with high drilling speed and straighter hole.

The other is in the rotary drilling rig on the basis of additional impact mechanism, mainly to rotary drilling, when encountered with pebble layer with impact drilling of dual-purpose drilling Wells, strong adaptability to various strata.

Above we understand the characteristics of a variety of different Wells drilling RIGS, I believe for you to choose and buy Wells drilling RIGS have some help, in the future we will continue to explain this kind of crystal drilling knowledge, for your reference to learn.