Anti-drilling rig construction

Nov. 19, 2019

The well drilling boring method was first developed in North America in 1950. In the mid-1960s, the well drilling boring method was popular in Europe, especially in Germany. At that time, the water well drill rig drilled a diameter of 1.2m and a depth of 150. ~200m; and by the early 1970s, the diameter of the borehole can reach 2.0-2.4m, and the drilling depth can reach 250-500m. Nowadays, many manufacturers in the world have produced anti-well drilling rigs, typically American Robbins. The company can provide 28 types of products, the diameter of the hole is 1.2 ~ 6.0m, the drilling depth can reach 900m, the HG100, 160, 210, 250, 330SP series produced by the German company Welt, the diameter of the hole is from 1.4 to 6.0 m, drilling depth up to 1000m.

China has developed anti-well drilling rigs since the 1970s and has applied it in medium carbon and metallurgical systems. The products are mostly concentrated on small-diameter reaming boring machines.

In 1992, the hydropower system introduced the anti-drilling rig for the first time. In the project of the outlet hole, surge tank and high-pressure pipeline inclined shaft of the Shisanling Pumped Storage Power Station, the well drilling rig was used for the well guiding method construction, and the high efficiency was achieved. , safe, high quality, economical effects. Since then, the anti-well hydraulic drill rig has been used in the Henan Xiaolangdi Water Control Project, the Shanxi Wanjiazhai Yellow River Diversion Project, and the Yunnan Dachaoshan Hydropower Station.

In order to meet different conditions and functional requirements for hydraulic structures, hydropower stations have established underground shaft gate wells, surge tanks and vertical and inclined well pressure pipelines. Shaft and inclined shaft construction is known as "throat engineering, valley of death". Therefore, the construction of shafts and inclined shafts has always been a difficult point and key point in the hydropower construction industry.

DTH Automatic Drill Rig

DTH Automatic Drill Rig

The LM Series Reverse Well Drill also has the following advantages:

1. The main parameters such as pushing, pulling force, rotating torque and rotating speed of the drilling rig are reasonable in design, and the drilling process is simple, which can meet the construction requirements under different geological conditions and various apertures;

2. Using full hydraulic drive, compact structure, light weight, power saving;

3. The host installation and transportation and adjustment of all mechanization, simple and labor-saving, rapid and safe, no need for auxiliary equipment;

4. The host hydraulic system is simple and reliable, easy to operate, most of the hydraulic components use the national standard series of brand-name components, easy to repair and replace;

5. The drilling process realizes mechanized operation, the operation is simple and safe, the working conditions are improved, and the labor intensity is reduced;

6. Drill pipe thread adopts API international general standard, safe and reliable, good interchangeability, long service life, reasonable process of loading and unloading drilling tools, short auxiliary time, drilling machinery with open hole drill pipe and special stable drill pipe, which can effectively Prevent wellbore deflection;

7. The rig has strong applicability and can be constructed under more complicated geological conditions;

8. The drilling rig is explosion-proof and suitable for use in environments with flammable gases at all levels;

9. The drilling rig has high efficiency, fast drilling speed and good quality.