What Factors Should Drillers Consider When Choosing a Water Well Drilling Rig?

May. 25, 2021

What Factors Should Drillers Consider When Choosing a Water Well Drilling Rig?

Discuss three main issues with manufacturer partners: location, well specifications, and drilling methods.

The location includes the local laws and regulations required to transport the equipment to and from the site, and how the well must be constructed legally. The location also includes understanding the drilling conditions underground and above ground. Drillers need to know the formation they must drill through to keep the borehole open. This often brings unique challenges, requiring multiple different drilling methods to complete a single well. On the ground, drillers need to consider the altitude and extreme hot or cold weather conditions that may affect the performance of the rig.

The specification of the well is the contour of the borehole, including the diameter and total depth (TD) required to complete the well. This will affect the decision of the compressor or mud pump when choosing a drilling rig to ensure that there is sufficient sand speed to remove the cuttings from the borehole. The depth of the well will also determine the weight of the string after reaching the TD. The selected drilling rig must have sufficient pullback capability to lift the entire string weight out of the drilled hole.

The selected drilling method will be determined based on the known first two types of drilling methods. This information allows you to choose different methods, such as air drilling or mud drilling, rotary drilling or down-the-hole hammer (DTH), cable tool drilling, or hydraulic rotary drilling. It also affects other drilling decisions, including how the drill string is composed and the type of bit used.

Once the driller understands the huge demand facing the drilling rig in the application, they can choose a drilling rig with flexibility.

What are the common oversights that customers have when choosing a drilling rig?

Drillers sometimes ignore the need to plan for future opportunities. Having a drilling rig that can handle a variety of tasks can help drilling companies expand their operations or add extra work when their main business activities slow down. In addition, the driller should also pay attention to the type and level of support provided by the manufacturer. Another key item that needs to be prioritized is the resale value of the drilling rig.

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