Preventive Measures For Water Well Drilling Rigs

Mar. 12, 2019

For the equipment of the Water Well Drilling Rig , the importance of the drill bit is self-evident. The quality of the drill bit directly affects drilling efficiency and drilling quality, so we need to pay attention to the choice and use of the drill bit. During the drilling process, the operator should pay attention to the drilling of the drill bit and the quality of the water well rig in order to better produce the drill bit.

The use and characteristics of the water well drilling rig:

Use of water well drilling rig:

The water well drilling rig can be used for drilling holes, blasting holes and grouting holes in urban construction, railway, highway, river, hydropower and other projects.

Features of the water well rig:

1 Water well drilling rig adopts electric motor through high-performance reducer as rotary power; cylinder is used as propulsion power. The hydraulic system is eliminated, resulting in high mechanical efficiency, low cost and stability.

2, with anti-card protection function, when the drill bit is stuck, the motor is not easy to burn, the reducer is not easy to damage.

3, light and easy to move, Crawler DTH Drill Rig weight less than 500Kg, can be broken down into three pieces, easy to move and shelf.

4, using the tray, the track is not easy to wear.

5. DTH drilling rig uses semi-automatic cloud to remove the drill pipe, which has high work efficiency.

Preventive Measures For Water Well Drilling Rigs