Why Should A Water Well Drilling Rig Be Lubricated?

Jan. 07, 2019

Everyone knows that Water Well Drilling Rig need to be lubricated regularly in use. Do you know why? Let's follow the DTH Drilling Rig Supplier and have a look.

1) Reduce friction: This is the main role of oil lubrication, because of the existence of lubricant film, to prevent the direct contact of the metal surface of the motor parts, thereby reducing the magic friction resistance, reducing wear and tear.

2) Cooling and heat dissipation: In high-speed rotating parts, the heat generated by friction will continue to rise if the heat surplus is not dispersed, resulting in burning down the parts.

3) Anti-rust protection: Drilling rig is often exposed to wind and rain in open-air operation, and metal parts are easy to rust. If good grease is applied on the metal surface, rust can be prevented and service life can be prolonged.

4) Sealing plugging: Wool felt seal is installed on the sealing disc root and bearing end cover, which effectively acts as a sealing and dust-proof function due to oil immersion.

Water Well Drilling Rig