Preparation Of Water Well Drilling Rig Before Work

Dec. 28, 2018

Before the production of the Water Well Drill Rig, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work and lay the basic work to ensure the stable and efficient production of the water drilling rig. The production preparation work of the water well drilling rig is divided into several steps, namely: determining the well position, repairing the road, leveling the site around the wellhead, laying the foundation, and installing. These preparations are not only necessary, but also necessary for production operations. The main function of the site around the wellhead is to level a site around the wellhead, so that the well can be better constructed and produced. The size of the well site depends on the size of the well. Large-scale wells need to be drilled. For larger sites, smaller well rigs require smaller site fixes to determine the position of the well rig or the bottom of the well, based on geological or production requirements. The foundation is to make the water well drilling rig better. In order to ensure that there is no abnormal noise during the construction of the Water Well Drilling Rig, it is necessary to lay a good production foundation to ensure the safety and stability of the production. The installation is aimed at the water well drilling rig. Set up bidding and install drilling equipment for water well drilling rigs.

Water Well Drilling Rig