How to Pay Attention to the Maintenance of Each System of Crawler Drilling Rig?

Aug. 19, 2020

How to pay attention to the maintenance of various systems of hydraulic drill rigs? The following hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig Supplier will explain the maintenance of each system of crawler drilling rigs.

Cooling system: Regularly check the working condition of the engine cooling system to ensure that the cooling system has complete parts and good performance. In particular, check the performance of the cooling pump, the tightness of the fan tape, whether the vents and vents of the radiator cover are unblocked, and whether the coolant is Adequacy, whether the thermostat and fan clutch are in a good performance, etc. Clean the dust and sludge on the air-cooled engine cylinder liner radiator and radiator in time, and clean the scale and impurities in the water radiator of the water-cooled engine in time.

Electrical system: Regularly check whether the terminal is loose, whether the wire ends and contacts are oxidized or ablated. It is necessary to adjust the generator regulator correctly and appropriately reduce the charging current. Clean the surface of the battery regularly. The pile head of the battery and the positive and negative cables should be firmly connected. The height of the electrolyte should meet the requirements. Distilled water should be filled in time and the ventilation holes should be kept unblocked.

Hydraulic system: Check the hydraulic system pipeline and radiator regularly for leakage, whether the fan is working properly, and whether the quantity and quality of hydraulic oil meet the requirements; clean the hydraulic oil tank regularly to reduce internal pollution and maintain the heat dissipation capacity of the hydraulic oil tank; pay attention When using hydraulic oil of the same brand, replace the contaminated hydraulic oil that does not meet the requirements of normal use in time, and replace the hydraulic oil filter element regularly to ensure that the hydraulic oil pipeline is unobstructed and the oil is clean.

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Other parts: Regularly check whether the rotating parts of the Crawler DTH Drill Rig transmission box, shaft pin, and other rotating parts are flexible and whether there are small cracks in the steel structure parts to prevent high temperature and high humidity from increasing damage. If the surface of the shell is found to be aging, cracked, or peeled off, it should be repaired in time. If the rusty parts are found, they should be removed and painted in time to avoid the aggravation of rust due to excessive rain.

Various oils: according to the requirements of the crawler down-the-hole drill operation and maintenance manual, select engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and grease, and perform maintenance at specified intervals. The above oil should be added in time when the quantity is insufficient and replaced in time when the quality is not good. In addition, the oil change interval should be appropriately adjusted according to actual operating conditions.

Pay attention to mechanical safety control: regularly check whether the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil temperature control devices are sensitive, whether the monitoring devices are effective, whether the safety protection devices such as torque limiters, limit switches, and emergency brake switches are reliable, and whether the braking and steering are in good condition. Hidden hazards should be eliminated in time, and crawler-type down-the-hole drills are prohibited from working with diseases. Dynamic tracking and management of equipment performance, and timely handling of abnormalities.

The temperature, humidity, air pollution, and atmospheric pressure of crawler-type down-the-hole drilling rigs have different degrees of influence on the normal operation of each system of crawler-type down-the-hole drilling rigs. Therefore, you must pay attention to the changes in temperature and the health of each part of the crawler down-the-hole drilling rig before rotating work in hot and rainy weather.