Dth Rigs Have Been One Of The Leading Technologies For Surface Drilling Applications

Jan. 21, 2020


The domestic DTH drill rig was first produced in the Xuanhua area of Hebei in the 1950s. Through the continuous investment of the country and its own development, the performance and technical content of the rig have been greatly improved. Later the world's top 500 companies in the United States, Sweden, and other countries came to Xuanhua to invest in building factories or joint ventures. Its products and production technologies are used as scientific textbooks for scientific research and teaching. Therefore, the synonym for down-the-hole drilling rigs in China is also called "Xuanhua drilling rigs."

Since the 1990s, Hebei Xuanhua has formed an equipment production base. Some enterprises focus on the development and production of the latest type of high-performance, low-consumption, open-air various types of drilling machines, and at the same time, they can be used as accessories. The product is widely used in large, medium and small mines, hydropower, transportation and other earth and stone excavation and blasting projects. It can also be used for underwater rock perforation and blasting in ports and waterways. Advanced technology has strong manufacturing capabilities. In the development of new products, With the advantages of professional and technical personnel, we have cooperated with scientific research institutions for many years to develop advanced crawler mounted DTH drilling rigs and have been well received by users.

Crawler Mounted Drill Rig

Crawler Mounted Drill Rig

Fourth, the rules of use

1. Installation and preparation

(1) Prepare a rock-drilling cavern. The size of the cavern can be determined according to the method of drilling. Generally, the height of the cavern when drilling horizontal holes is 2.6-2.8 meters. The width is 2.5 meters and the height is 2.8-3 meters.

(2) Direct the gas and water pipelines and lighting circuits to the working surface for use.

(3) According to the design requirements of the holes, set up the pillars firmly. The upper and lower ends of the pillar must be covered with wooden boards. The horizontal axis and the snap ring are mounted on the pillar at a certain height and direction. The machine is lifted with a hand winch, fixed on the pillar at the required angle, and then the hole of the drill is adjusted to.

2. Inspection before operation

(1) When starting work, carefully check whether the gas and water pipelines are firmly connected and there is no air leakage.

(2) Check whether the oiler is full of oil.

(3) Check that the screws, nuts, joints, etc. of each part have been tightened, and the column is indeed pushed up firmly.

3. Drilling procedures

When opening a hole, the crawler mounted drill rig starts the electric motor, and after the transfer is normal, the pusher of the manipulator is moved. Give it a proper propulsive force, and then pull the handle that controls the impactor to the working position. After rock drilling, the water valve can be opened to keep the gas-water mixture in a proper ratio. Perform normal rock drilling. When advancing work moves the drill rod into contact with the holder, a drill rod is drilled for drilling. To stop the motor and stop supplying air and water to the impactor, insert the fork into the drill pipe slot of the bracket, make the motor reverse the slide and back, disconnect the joint from the drill pipe, and then connect the second drill pipe. This cycle works continuously.