Characteristics Of Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig In Construction Of Industry And Mine

Jan. 05, 2019

Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rigs are often used in industrial and mining railways. The main features are:

1. Hydraulic drilling rig can be divided into two types: pillar frame and base frame. Different drilling rigs can be selected according to the height and use of coal roadway.

2. Hydraulic drilling machine can put mesh pipe into the hole while drilling, which solves the key problem of gas drainage in high gas mine with unshaped perforation and soft coal seam. So this drill is also called pipe drill or pipe jacking drill.

3. Hydraulic DTH Drill Rig chooses high-pressure sealed drill pipe and bottom hole motor, which can greatly improve the drilling ability (avoiding the strong torque force of the drill pipe's own weight), so this drilling rig is also called bottom hole motor drilling rig.

4. Hydraulic drilling rig equipped with high pressure sealed drill pipe can cut seams in low permeability coal seams, thus improving gas drainage efficiency and greatly shortening drainage time. The drilling rig adopts hydraulic transmission mechanism, which has the characteristics of high drilling capacity, fast speed, simple operation, stable and reliable operation, convenient mobile installation and so on.

Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig