Use And Maintenance Of Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Oct. 26, 2018

Proper use and maintenance of the hydraulic system is the most important task in the use of full Hydraulic Drill Rig, and is an important guarantee for the normal operation and longevity of the full hydraulic drilling rig.

Precautions for installing the oil pipe in the Hydraulic Drilling Rig (1) The suction pipe should not leak, the joints should be tight and sealed; (2) The oil suction pipe should be provided with a filter; (3) The oil return pipe should be inserted below the oil level of the fuel tank. Prevent splashing foam and mixing into air; (4) Leaking oil in electromagnetic reversing valve must be separately set back to the oil pipe to prevent back pressure when leaking back to oil and avoid obstructing the movement of the valve core;

3.2 Choosing the right hydraulic oil The hydraulic oil is used in the hydraulic system to transfer pressure, lubrication and cooling. The improper selection of hydraulic oil is the main reason for the early failure and durability of the hydraulic system.

3.3 Precautions for regular maintenance (1) 250h inspection and maintenance: Check the attachments on the filter screen. If there is too much metal powder, it often marks the wear of the oil pump or the cylinder pulling the cylinder. (2) 500h inspection and maintenance: the rig runs for 500h, no matter what the condition of the filter element, it should be replaced, because it is difficult to detect the small damage of the filter element by the naked eye. If the high temperature operation is long, the filter element should be replaced in advance. (3) 1000h inspection and maintenance: At this time, the filter should be cleaned, the hydraulic oil tank should be cleaned, the filter element and hydraulic oil should be replaced, and the oil change time should be advanced in advance for long-term high temperature operation. (4) Inspection and maintenance of 7000h and 10000h: At this time, the hydraulic system of the drilling rig needs to be tested by professionals to make necessary adjustments and maintenance. According to the practice, the imported hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor must be overhauled after working for 10,000 hours. Otherwise, the hydraulic pump may be damaged due to disrepair, which is fatal to the hydraulic system.

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