How To Maintain The Oil Of The DTH Drilling Rig?

Mar. 01, 2019

When it comes to oil Of DTH Drilling Rig ,  it is believed that many people will think that it is caused by lower oil pressure. This view is correct. The thinning of the oil does cause the oil pressure to be too low. Therefore, the thinning of the oil will constitute a semi-dry contact or dry contact between the various cooperating components, and in severe cases, it will lead to burning. So what are the reasons for the drilling of the downhole drilling machine oil? Let DTH Drilling Rig Supplier talks about it.

First, the engine oil caused by digging and changing the oil of the drilling machine becomes thin.

The primary reasons for the influx of oil are as follows.

1. The oil radiator is damaged.

2, it is recommended that the machine water plugging water.

3. The cylinder seal is damaged.

4. There is a crack in the cylinder liner.

5. The cylinder head gasket is damaged.

The anti-oxidation function of the downhole drilling machine oil will decrease after it enters the water, and then the oil will become thinner and thinner, resulting in lower lubrication function.

Second, the engine oil caused by entering the fuel in the submerged hole drilling machine oil becomes thin.

The fuel mixed in the oil will also cause the oil to become thinner. The primary reasons are as follows.

1. The fuel supply system has shortcomings and poor fuel atomization, which causes the fuel or a lot of excessively rich fuel mixture to be mixed into the crankcase and the engine oil, and then the oil is thinned.

2. The rig recommends that the engine idle for a long time, repeated suggestions, etc., causing the fuel mixture to enter the crankcase to make the oil thin.

3. The oil that is forced to be lubricated by the oil pump or the oil pump that is forcibly lubricated is thinned.

4, slamming on the throttle, speeding up when the throttle is stepped on, will also cause the fuel to enter the oil, and then cause the oil to become thin.

5, the cylinder wall wear causes the cylinder diameter to change, the piston ring is damaged, the piston ring equipment is improper, etc., causing the oil to become thin.

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