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Good Beginning Of 2019!

Feb. 20, 2019

At the beginning of 2019, we have started to receive orders, and have already arranged shipments. Many machines are sent to their owners every day, expecting 2019 to achieve better results.

As a water well drilling rig supplier with many years of production experience, we sell high quality various types of water well drilling rigs.Our JK730 automatic crawler mounted drilling rig is very popular among customers.

JK730 automatic Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs features its lower operation cost and humanized design. 

DTH Drill Rig adopts a powerful diese engine and hydraulic oil pump station assembly to generate power, allowing rigs to rotation, feeding, lifting, walking and angle positioning. 

During operation, only the percussive hammer consumes the compressed air. In contrast with conventional pneumatic drill rigs, JK730 consumes about 40% to 50% less energy (fuel or electricity), and the air displacement of matched air compressor decreases 30% to 50%.

Good Beginning Of 2019!

Good Beginning Of 2019!

Good Beginning Of 2019!


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