Drilling Procedure of a DTH Drilling Rig

Jan. 05, 2024

The essence of rock drilling with a DTH drilling rig is to make the impactor dive into the hole during the drilling process in order to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact work transmitted by the brazing rod. This reduces the impact of the hole depth on the drilling efficiency.

DTH Drilling Rig


Installation and preparation of drilling rig

1. Prepare the drilling chamber, the specifications of which can be determined according to the method of drilling, generally, the chamber height is 2.6-2.8 meters when drilling horizontal holes, and the chamber width is 2.5 meters and height is 2.8-3 meters when drilling upward, downward or inclined holes.

2. Lead the air and water pipes, lighting lines, etc. to the vicinity of the working face for use.

3. Set up the pillar firmly according to the requirements of the hole as designed. The upper and lower ends of the pillar should be padded with wooden boards, and the cross shaft and snap ring should be installed on the pillar according to a certain height and direction, and the machine should be lifted by using a hand winch and fixed on the pillar according to the required angle, and then the hole direction of the drilling rig should be adjusted.


Inspection before drilling operation

1. When starting work, check carefully whether the air and water pipes are firmly connected and whether there is any leakage of air and water.

2. Check whether the oil injector has been filled with oil.

3. Check whether the screws, nuts, and joints of each part have been tightened and whether the column is indeed firmly topped.


Drilling procedure

When drilling, start the motor first, and then trigger the propulsion handle of the manipulator after the transfer is normal. Make it get the proper propulsion force, and then trigger the handle of the impactor to the working position. After the rock drilling work, you can open the water valve to keep the gas-water mixture in a proper ratio. Carry out normal rock drilling work. The drilling of a drill pipe is completed when the advancing work moves the unloader to touch the bracket. To stop the motor operation and stop feeding air and water to the impactor, insert the fork into the slot of the drill pipe of the brazier, make the motor reverse the slide back, disconnect the joint from the drill pipe, and then connect the second drill pipe, and work continuously in this cycle.

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