JK820-2 Integrated DTH Drilling Rig

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Main configurations

Operation system

The operation system is simple and ergonomically-friendly. The rig's operating parameters, instructions and warnings all can be clearly displayed on the dashboard, easy for the operator to monitor. The real-time display of hole collaring angle and compressor operat-ing parameters help the operator drill holes precisely and control the rig easily.


The sealed air-conditioned cabin is made with FOPS which meets EU and US safety protection standards. The all-around large safety windows offer great visibility and help the operator control the rig precisely from all angles. The high ground clearance of over 400mm suits varieties of tough terrain and minimizes the possibility of collision with ground.

Rotation unit

The equipped double cycloid motors can output massive torque and reduce possibility of pipe-stuck situation. And the rotation rate can be continuously adjusted according to different rock forma-tions. The imported seals for the rotation unit is with extraordinary performance and long service life.

Air compressor

The high-output Atlas Copco air compressor features two stages of compression, powerful and reliable, it suits rock formations of various hardness and offers high penetration rate with ease.


The water-cooled EFI turbo engine offers more power, consumes less fuel and complies with the National I川I emission standard. The two-stage air filter system ensures intake of clean air and great-ly reduces the engine failure rate.

Feeding system

The aluminum alloy feed is made of special material and has the protection ability of stainless steel wear-resistant sleeve. The double cycloid motor slewing device has large rotating torque and is not easy to jam. It can realize big hole drilling operation on the basis of ensuring the ease and flexibility of the rig. At the same time, the rotation speed can be adjusted according to different rock formations. Imported rotary seals have good sealing performance and long service life.

Automatic pipe handling system

AIlI the functions, such as pipe storage, pipe loading and unloading, movement of the mechanical clamps, can be controlled very easily with one single joystick. Loading and unloading of the drill pipes are easily achieved by upper and lower clamping, greatly raising the working efficiency.

Dust collecting system

The efficient hydraulic dust collector is equipped with a sliding dust cover. It boasts high dust collecting efficiency and stable perfor- mance, extends the rig' S service life and ensures a clean working environment for the operators.

Repair and maintenance

Convenient maintenance, maintenance and inspection points are easily reached.

Reasonable position of engine,

Maintenance is very convenient because the doors on shed are easy to open and close.

Technical specifications

Drill pipe changerDrilling diametermmφ140-φ190
Dilling depthmm35
Pipe diametermmφ89/φ102
Pipe lengthmm5
Pipe capacity支/Piece6+1
Hammer specs"5-6-7
Air compressorWorking pressurebar
Max. FADm³/min
FeedFeed extensionmm1400
Feeding strokemm5895
Feed swing angle
Left36 right95

Water-cooled six-ylinder EFI diesel engine
Rated powerkw/rpm306/1900 
Fuel tank capacityL700
Rotary motorRotation raterpm0-85
Max. rotation torqueNm3600
Feeding method
Hydraulic motor + Chain
Feeding forceKN30
Lifting forceKN30
UndercarriageTrack widthmm≥400
Ground clearancemm±10
Track oscillation
Walking speedkm/h20
Grade ability

Dust collectorCollecting method
Hydraulic dust collecting