JKS500C Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

A new, efficient, and versatile hydraulic percussive well rig

Rated Drilling Depth


Site Condition

It is mainly applicable to the drilling process of wells, monitor boreholes and geothermal boreholes.

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Product Features

JKS500C crawler mounted versatile well drilling rig is a new, efficient and multifunctional drill rig, mainly applicable to all kinds of drilling process of wells, monitor boreholes, geothermal boreholes, grouting holes of cofferdam, dam and reinforced base, as well as long hole drilling of open pit, anchor reinforcement and defense project.

The rig equips with powerful hydraulic motor, heavy-duty hydraulic drilling arm and high pressure DTH percussive hammer, and its drilling speed is faster than other type of rigs. 

Rated Drilling Depth500m
Drilling Diameter105-350mm
Working Air Pressure1.05-4.5MPa
Air Consumption16-60m³/min
Drill Pipe Diameterφ89mm, φ102mm, φ114mm
Max. Lifting Force25t
Axial Pressure±10t
Lifting Force of Small Winch1.5t
Lifting Force of Main Winch4t (optional)
Rotation Torque9500N.m
Rotation Rate0-40/80rpm
Feeding Force3800mm
Lifting Rate0-18m/min
Grade Ability15°
Hydraulic Generator24kW/380V (optional)
Foam Pump20L/min (optional)
Transport Dimension (L x W x H)6800mm x 2250mm x 2650mm
Working Dimension (L x W x H)6800mm x 3250mm x 7500mm