JKS400SH Crawler Mounted Telescoping Mast Well Drilling Rig

The rig is able to place casing of 6 meters.

Rated Drilling Depth


Site Condition

It is mainly applicable to the drilling process of wells, monitor boreholes and geothermal boreholes.

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Product Features

JKS400SHis a new, efficient, multifunctional hydraulic crawler mounted telescoping mast well drilling rig, mainly applicable to the drilling process of water well, monitoring boreholes and geothermal boreholes. When drilling in the rock layer, the rig adopts DTH percussive hammer for penetration and compressed air for cleaning, the penetration speed being dozens of times quicker than conventional rotation rigs. 

The rig is able to handle casing size up to 6 meters.

In loose rock, the rig employs a cutting bit or cone bit and uses mud to bring out the cuttings, its versatility suiting for all kinds of complex geological conditions

Hydraulic supporters used facilitate the rig erection on site without crane.

Rated Drilling Depth400m
Borehole Diameter140~350mm
Engine Power92kW
Max. Lifting Force20t
Axial Pressure±8.5t
Lifting Force of Small Winch1.5t
Rotation Torque9500N.m
Rotation Rate0~40/80rpm
Feeding Stroke4000mm+3000mm
Hydraulic Supporting Leg Stroke1650mm
Lifting Speed0~18m/min
Centralizer Height0.8m
Grade Ability15°
Dimension (L x W x H)6800 x 2250 x 2700mm
Hydraulic Generator (optional)24kW/380V